Friday, May 15, 2009


Al likes Contemporary African art, Jamaican beer, Paul Simon, and reading the special Times printout at Equinox before work each morning on the elliptical.

Alison enters my life via spontaneous lunches, Movie Mondays, Brooklyn Sundays, Big Man Movie Meals, and drinking wine in the Outpost garden, but only in the good chairs.

Because the two of us so rarely had 'real' dates in the early NY days, Alison is also my designated 'plus one.' After a few successful outings, we quickly realized that it is WAY more fun to go with a friend than with a date anyway. Therefore, galleries, fundraisers, dinner parties, movie screenings, birthday brunches, etc all involve Al Hughes. Weddings are better with real dates, though. (Sorry, Al, but they are.)

She once spotted Kerri Russell's baby in Fort Greene Park-- Kerri not in attendance-- thanks to her enviable knowledge of celebrity baby strollers.

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